What is The Shine?

The Shine is a variety show with mindfully-curated content that happens pop-up style in Los Angeles and New York about once every 2 months. The event features music from local bands, inspiring short films, group meditation, grassroots philanthropy, delicious food, and storytelling. The Shine's mission is to create a fun and welcoming social environment where attendees can strike up meaningful conversations and make lasting connections that leave them feeling inspired to do more, give more, and be more. 

How did it start?

The Shine was founded by Los Angeles-based meditation teacher, Light Watkins in June of 2014, from a deep desire to create a community where participants could engage in meaningful conversations, hear inspiring storytelling, participate in group philanthropy projects, and leave feeling uplifted.  

Week after week, word spread about this unique event, which started with just 10 people in a rented dance studio in West Los Angeles, and within a year The Shine had grown to nearly 200 attendees per monthly event.

What's unique about The Shine?

The Shine is an all volunteer-run variety show on a mission to spread inspiration through meditation, music, food, and community. The cornerstone of The Shine experience is "The Shine On Challenge" philanthropic giveaway, where $400 of the proceeds is given randomly to a Shine attendee, along with instructions to use it for a charitable purpose. To date, thousands of dollars have been re-purposed through money from ticket sales and the direct charitable efforts of the attendees. The Shine is also a non-alcoholic event, which was why the New York Times called it "Happy Hour" Without The Booze.